This part of the platform contains protocols and methods for identification of the main animal pests and diseases on barley, as well as their symptoms.

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02 May 2023


Methods of identification of the main diseases on barley and their symptoms are listed here.
Covering 40-50 of the most important pathogens, this handbook contains superb color photographs accompanied by clear, concise descriptions of diseases with advice on their control.
This booklet describes the 15 main diseases observed on wheat and barley. For each disease a diagram of the cycle, development conditions and prevention are presented. The bookletllustrated by 70 color photos showing symptoms and damages to crops.
This guide contains descriptions of main diseases on small grain cereals.
Symptoms of both common and less frequently found diseases are illustrated and described, together with an outline of the disease cycle of the pathogen and an indication of the importance of the disease.
Arable crops offer aphids huge colonisation spaces. This book describes 35 dangerous species using essential data in the development of efficient, environmentally-friendly control methods.

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