This part of the platform contains protocols and methods for identification of the main animal pests and diseases on vegetables, as well as their symptoms.

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Fact sheets on animal pests, diseases and beneficials in vegetable crops.

25 April 2023


Quick visual check of root surface allows to detect presence of galls, bifurcation and/or pimple-like raised areas, which are characteristic of the presence of the root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne chitwoodi).
This paper presents the most common methods for extracting (including Baermann funnel, mistifier, maceration, sieving, elutriation and flotation techniques), processing, examining (handling and fixing) and detecting plant and soil nematodes.
With its descriptive key and detailed drawings, Diagnosing Plant Diseases Caused by Nematodes assists readers in differentiating plant-parasitic nematodes from free-living (microbivorous) nematodes found commonly in the soil around plant roots and within symptomatic plant tissue.

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