Multi-pest monitoring on greenhouse tomato

Multi-pest monitoring on greenhouse tomato

Description: This protocol presents sampling and estimation methods to quantify the main pests on tomato in greenhouse.The main pests observed are Trialeurodes vaporariorum, Bemisia tabaci and Tuta absoluta and their natural enemies.

Secondary pests are also studied: leafminer flies (Lyriomyza sp), aphids (Aphys gossypi, Myzus persicae, Macrosiphum euphorbiae, Aulacorthum solani), mites (Tetranychus, Aculops) and the 3 main fungi present on greenhouse tomato: Botrytis cinerea, Leveillula taurica and Oidium neolycopersici.
2 sorts of monitoring are performed:

  • An estimation of the initial state of the pest populations, measured at the moment of the plantation
  • A weekly survey during the 3 first months of the crop, biweekly afterwards.

Use: The method can be used for pest surveys in greenhouse tomato experimentations. It can also help in the elaboration of decision rules in a crop protection context.

Author: Gilles Ridray (INRA).

Modification date : 25 April 2023 | Publication date : 04 September 2013 | Redactor : IPM network, contributor: Gilles RIDRAY (INRA).