Partners and fundings

Partners and fundings

This section presents the partners involved in the platform and the fundings of the project.


Here the partners involved in the QuantiPest platform are presented briefly.


The IPM network of INRAE and CIRAD was the initiator of the platform QuantiPest and maintain it.

Country: France


People involved:

Rothamsted Research

Rothamsted (est. 1843) is an independent scientific research institute and the longest running agricultural research station in the world. We receive strategic funding from the BBSRC to develop innovations to benefit our health, farming and the environment.

Country: United Kingdom

People involved :

  • Neal Evans
  • Jon West

Julius Kühn Institut

JKI activities are centred on cultivated plants as such. The Institute does research in the fields of plant genetics, cultivation of crops, plant nutrition, soil science, plant protection and plant health. Its broad competence enables the JKI to develop holistic concepts for crop cultivation as a whole, ranging from crop production to plant care.

Country: Germany

People involved :

  • Thomas Kühne
  • Edgar Schliephake

AArhus University

Aarhus University is organised in twenty-seven strong academic departments. These departments will form the basis for academic synergies, as well as making further specialisation possible – thereby strengthening the research environments and the university’s other core activities.

Country: Denmark

People involved:

  • Lise Nistrup Jorgensen

Association de Coordination Technique Agricole

L’ACTA, Association de Coordination Technique Agricole, a été créée dès 1956 par les Organisations Professionnelles. Sa mission est d’animer les Instituts et Centres Techniques Agricoles, de les représenter et de les défendre auprès des instances nationales et internationales, d’organiser la solidarité et les échanges techniques entre les instituts de filières, de déléguer à certains instituts des missions d’animation ou de maîtrise de projet et de prendre en charge des questions transversales.

Pays : France

Site Web

Avec les contributions de :

Scuola Superiore Sant Anna di Studi Universitari e di Perfezionamento

The Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna is a research university where students, researchers and professors form part of a scientific community that aims to combine diversified knowledge and creativity with innovative advancements in science and technology.

Country: Italy

People involved:

  • Diego Guidotti
  • Luca Sebastiani
  • Ruggero Petachi

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

The National Research Council (CNR) is a public organization; its duty is to carry out, promote, spread, transfer and improve research activities in the main sectors of knowledge growth and of its applications for the scientific, technological, economic and social development of the Country.

Country: Italy

People involved:

  • Aurelio Ciancio

Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute

The Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute (IHAR) - National Research Institute is the largest Polish research centre in the multi-disciplinary area of crop improvement, biotechnology, germplasm conservation and enhancement. IHAR was founded in 1951 for research in breeding and seed production of major field crops.

Country: Poland

People involved:

  • Elzbieta Czembor
  • Jerzy Czembor

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